Asset Management

Discretionary Account Service

The discretionary account service of New Region Securities Company Limited offers our client one stops Asset Management Solution. We assist you in every aspect including investment policy addressing, asset allocation and trade execution. We also personalize your investment portfolio by incorporating with your personal situation. Furthermore, our profession not limited to the Hong Kong Securities listed on HKEX, we can also provide you tailored strategy including global securities, managed futures, options, investment portfolio, foreign exchange, precious metals and bonds and so on.


Investment Philosophy

Superior performances are coming from insight of our investment committee. To enhance the value of our client portfolio, we actively managed our portfolio through “Bottom-Up” analysis with a timely traded manner. And of course, stock market will never only going up. Whenever there is market fell, we may use derivative to hedge our portfolio to increase our risk-adjusted return.

Even Discretionary Account Services are well provided by many financial institutions, we do believe that only through a comprehensive market analysis, professional team management and bilateral communication; investors can truly enjoy a care-free investment experience!



As Asian markets have matured and wealth has increased, there is a booming client base of affluent individuals who are open to different forms of wealth management.
A decade ago, External Asset Managers (EAMs) were virtually unknown in Asia, despite being well established in Europe and the USA. Now the sector is expanding rapidly. Hong Kong and Singapore have a total of 160 independent asset management firms, and collectively manage USD91.5 billion in private wealth as of 2017. *

*2018 IAM Report: Asia-Pacific Ready for Take-Off?



We build an unique investment platform with the world’s top tiers private banks,
our passion is to deliver the best results for your financial needs.

Our External Asset Management Services involves a client opening accounts with private banks and placing assets in the account. The client gives an External Asset Manager (EAM) authority and power of attorney as a third party to represent them in managing the investment portfolio and asset allocation. At all times, the assets remain in an account in the client’s name, and the EAM makes decisions on how the assets should be managed.



Advantages to client