Trading Information

1. Trading Settlement

Clients must deposit sufficient fund into their securities accounts before buying shares through the system, and proceeds from selling shares will be recorded in clients’ securities account until instructions received from clients, then the Company will deposit the proceeds into clients’ bank accounts.

If clients will use physical shares for settlement, please deposit the physical shares into the account Seven (7) days before for the Company to deliver the shares to Share Registrar for verification of signatures and authenticity, otherwise clients may not be able to receive the proceed on T+2, until the Share Registrar has verified the signature and the shares are authentic.


2. Stock Margin Financing Services

The Company was authorized by SFC on 1 October 2019 officially launched stock margin financing, providing clients with comprehensive services.

Stock Margin Financing

Margin financing is based on the securities deposited by customers in the account with New Region Securities Company Ltd. as collateral, and we provide financing to customers according to the margin ratio of such securities.

Margin financing allows customers to response to market changes by using larger funds

If customers could not deposit the funds for acquiring securities to our account as scheduled,  margin limit will be initiated automatically for settling transaction fee in order to avoid overdue interest due to overdue of settlement. 

Securities pledging ratios range from 10% to 70%, please refer to the below link for allowable pledging securities or the Company’s web-site for reference.

  • The value of any securities suspended for trading in Margin account is zero.
  • New Region Securities Company Ltd reserves the right to amend credit limit or setting liquidation or price limit of any securities.


Interest Rate Prime Rate*

Prime rate: Rate announced by The Bank of China (HK) Ltd shall prevail.

Margin Call Notification

6.125% per year(25-09-2019)

A margin call will be issued when the marginable value of the account’s portfolio is not enough to cover the total amount outstanding under the account or when the amount on a value day basis that remains outstanding under the account is greater than the approved credit limit or otherwise at any time or from time to time as required by New Region Securities Co., Ltd. Thus, the margin call amount will be the greater of the amount in excess of the marginable value of the account’s portfolio or the approved credit limit or the amount demanded by New Region Securities Co., Ltd.

Once you are on margin call, you will not be able to buy any more stocks and withdraw securities or cash, and you will have to pay up the margin call amount immediately by bank transfer, depositing of additional securities collateral and/ or liquidating an appropriate amount of your portfolio (as applicable). If you fail to satisfy the call, your portfolio can be partially or totally liquidated without any prior notice.

Note : New Region Securities Co., Ltd reserves the right to change its credit limit, margin and forced liquidation policies either generally or in any particular case without any prior notice.


  • Margin call amount must be covered up within 3 hours of the day. However, during volatile market condition, margin call amount must be covered up immediately.
  • Clients will be notified by phone.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact us: Telephone: 6079-3770   or to

Email account:

3. Fund Deposit Methods

Clients can pay by cheque or cashier order at the Company’s Settlement department, cheque or cashier order should be payable to 「恒盛證券有限公司」 或「NEW REGION Securities Company Limited」, please write down the client’s account number at the back of the cheque or cashier order.

Clients can also use cheque, cashier order or cash transfer to NEW REGION Securities Company Limited to the following account :

          Chong Hing Bank: 256-10-248338-2

          Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd: 012-91600824-181

          FPS : 6079 3770 (Phone Account No.)

Remark: After bank in, clients shall notify the Company by phone no. (852) 6079 3770.

4. Transaction Record Statement

Clients will timely receive related trading records as follows:

Sale and Purchase contract

After clients have completed securities trading, the Company will issue the related sale and purchase contract before the close of next trading day and send by post or email to clients, detailing the settlement date and content of the trades。

5. Account Activities Statement

After clients have deposit and withdrawal of shares or cash, shares delivery or shares transfer, the Company will also issue the related daily statement before the close of next trading day, listing out the activities on that day in the clients’ securities accounts.

6.Monthly Statement

If clients’ securities accounts have any activities during the month or any balances at month end, the Company will issue to the clients a monthly statement, sum up the activities during the month and list out the status of the account.


The above Information for clients is for reference only, if there are any disputes, the decision of the Company shall prevail.

The Company reserve the rights to amend this memorandum at any time without prior notice.


If there are any opinions or complaints, you are welcome to call Ms. Yu (Tel: 3460 4491) of the Company’s Compliance Department during business hours (Monday 10am-5pm, close on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday) or write to the Company.