Account Opening Procedures

 1. Individual / Joint Account

Copy of the Hong Kong ID cards / passports of all account holders.

And original copy of residential address proof showing account holder name issued within the last 3 months (e.g. public utilities bill, bank or credit card statement)

2. Company Account

Please submit the following corporate documents:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation*
  2. Business Registration Certificate*
  3. Proof of address (within 3 months)*
  4. List and identification of Directors and Authorized Signatories*
  5. List and identification of shareholders and ultimate beneficiaries*
  6. Company Search (within 6 months)/ Certificate of Incumbency (within 6 months)*
  7. Memorandum and Article of Association*
  8. Board Resolutions
  9. Letter of Guarantee with guarantor’s address proof (identification of guarantor if other than director or shareholder)
  10. Latest Audited Accounts/ Certificate of Good Standing
  11. W-8BEN-E Form

Copies of Item 1 to 7 shall be certified by notary public or professionals(e.g. lawyer, certified public accountant, branch manager of a bank.


Unless receive special approval, we do not accept account opening applications from the following companies:

  1. Licensed corporations without FATCA registration; or
  2. Entities registered in the U.S.A

3. Face-to-face clients, sign and witness the relevant required documents in the presence of New Regio Securities’ staff.

Upon receipt of the relevant documents, New Region will immediately process the application, once approved, the clients can trade immediately.  If you have registered on-line investment services, clients will receive the account number, login password and iToken verification link within a few working days, in order to log into the New Region Securities online account.


Non face-to-face Clients

Clients who cannot visit us in person may also submit their application by post. Clients are required to complete the above account opening documents and mail them to:
Unit A, 19/F, Dah Shing Life Building, 99 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

In addition, applicants are required the following to verify the identity proof:

  1. Please mail a crossed personal cheque of HK$10,000 as deposits which can be used for trade purpose.Cheques must meet the following criteria :
    1. Cheques are made payable to New Region Securities Company Ltd;
    2. A personal cheque issued by a licensed bank in Hong Kong is required; and
    3. The full name and signature of the customer shown on the cheque must match the account opening form.
  2. Certify all mailed documents by notary public or professionals (e.g. lawyer, certified public accountant, branch manager of a bank or any other licensed registered person).
  3. Customers can visit our designated law firms in China for witness services.  Please contact our Customer Service Department for further details.