Methods of Deposit and Withdrawal


  1. Clients can deliver the cheque or cashier order to the Company’s Settlement Department.
  2. Clients can also use bank transfer or cheque to deposit fund (Remark 1), cheque or cashier order should be payable to 「恒盛證券有限公司」 或「NEW REGION Securities Company Limited」, after bank in, please notify the Company by phone call.

    Deposit and Withdrawal hotline: (852) 6079 3770

    The following bank accounts:

    Chong Hing Bank: 256-10-248338-2
    The Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd: 012-91600824-181
    FPS : 6079 3770 (Phone Account No.)

Remark 1 : Please send the cheque’s front image to (852) 25210913 (by fax) or 60793770 (by whatsapp).


Please provide withdrawal instructions before 1pm* on trading day for all withdrawals through the following method:


  1. Deposit and withdrawal hotline: (852) 6079 3770
  2. Fill in client deposit and withdrawal form and email to:
    * past due instruction will be handled on the next trading day.

The Company reserves the right to the withdrawal method.

The information contained above is subject to change without notice.